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The TSD Directory is updated regularly. Please check back and inform us if there is any outdated or incorrect information displayed. Email info@tokyosports.net

Aikido Aikikai Foundation HQ. Wakamatsucho, Shinjuku Ku (Oedo Line)www.aikikai.or.jp www.tokyoseidokan.com
For another take on Aikido, contact Chris-sensei (really nice bloke by all acounts) www.tokyoseidokan.com
American Football Gakushuin University has a good webpage in English, so it's as good a place to start as any.
Archery (Japanese style) One of the truest adherents to all forms of the bow! Based near JR Otsuka Stn, Toshima Ku.Email archery@asahi-archery.co.jp www.asahi-archery.co.jp
Australian Rules The Clubhouse, Shinjuku, home of the Tokyo Goannas. www.tokyogoannas.com/  Email info@tokyogoannas.com
Ballooning Tokyo Aeronauts BC. Contact Sabu Ichiyoshi (03 3398 1551) http://www.aeronauts.net/en/ 
Badminton We have badminton lesson. Beginners large welcome. http://aaa.ha.ai/
Baseball Multinational team at the YC&AC membership@ycac.or.jp 
Would someone from Play Yakyu please contact TSD - we want to list you!
Billiards BAGUS Billiards (& Electronic darts), Yasukuni Dori, Shinjuku (B2 of Ad Hoc Bldg.) Open 11 - 5 a.m. (03 5360 1191)
Also at the YC&AC membership@ycac.or.jp
Bodybuilding Of the general sports clubs, Gold's Gym seems to be fairly serious. Branches all over Tokyo & Kanagawa. www.ggmania.jp
Boxing Nitta Boxing Gym. Try a free lesson by mentioning TSD to former IBF No.6 Shosei Nitta, ther main man! http://nittaboxinggym.sugoihp.com/english/frame.html
Roppongi Fight Club in the heart of Roppongi offers 1-on-1 tuition. Go to http://roppongifightclub.fc2web.com/
Climbing Climbing Gyms is a major facility-provider for indoor climbing.  www.celebrazio.net/climb/gyms_tokyo.html
Cricket The Wombats CC www.tokyowombats.com (see barman Ian in The Dubliners, Shinjuku)
Tokyo Bay District CC www.sybari.co.jp/tokyobay/ has many nationalities competing in two leagues.  New players welcome. 
Email David Davies, david@davies.net
On a real grass pitch at the YC&AC membership@ycac.or.jp
ICC-EAP Tournament www.jca-cricket.ne.jp
Also, DeviFusion in Roppongi shows live test matches, as does The Clubhouse in Shinjuku 3-chome www.clubhouse-tokyo.com
Cricket on the web: http://keiran.id.au/cricket/
This is the page for the Kanto Cricket League, which is Japan Cricket Association and ICC linked.  It has listings for all its member clubs and J-Uni teams as well as girls' teams.  Also the page with ICC-EAP live scores and news.
Now, not to be confused is the Kanto Cricket League.  Don't ask.  Really.  www.sybari.co.jp/Cricket/
Cycling Share info on routes Japan-wide. cyclingjapan@hotmail.com
Tokyo Cycling (mountain bike club based in Fussa), http://www.tokyocycling.com/ Check the FAQ and contact Steve (Torpedo) Hartsell torpedo_mtb@yahoo.com
Darts PULSE!  Darts Bar in Shinjuku. Cork & good sounds!
Phone 03 3351 0105
Also at The Clubhouse  www.clubhouse-tokyo.com and at the YC&AC http://www.ycac.or.jp/index.htm
Diving The island of Krabi in Thailand is obviously not in Tokyo or its environs, but Werner is an IFFL ref and organises stuff down there, so visit www.aonang-divers.com/English/index.html
Football British Football Club, Tokyo. Founded in 1980 and still Alive & Kicking! The real deal for the footy and the craic - go there first! Two full teams at the moment, with a Masters Team in the making... www.bfctokyo.com
There are now two amateur football leaguers in the Tokyo area, the TML and the IFFL. Both play year-round but TSD recommends the TML for various reasons. So go to www.metropolis-league.com/ or search for the other one...
Onnabelievable Ladies Football Club, contact Kirsten kscott6@bloomberg.net
Also BFC Masters TSD is always looking for players, grounds, fixtures and contacts. Email teams@tokyosports.net
Fukiya  Japan Sports Fukiya Association  www.fukiya.net/english/english.htm
International Fukiyado Association  www.echigo.ne.jp/~dhiguchi/newpage6.htm
Futsal A Japanese Futsal fraternity!
Also www.bfctokyo.com for Wednesday nights in Sendagaya.
Field Hockey Tokyo United Hockey Club. Contact Tony by emailing duglen@typhoon.co.jp
Fitness Centres A full list of Tokyo's main Fitness Centres is being compiled, so check back to this page soon!
Gaelic Football JapanGAA!! Male or female, all nationalities and levels are welcome. See their website at www.japangaa.com 
Glass Ski all Japanese only
Japan Glass Ski Association http://www.grass-ski.or.jp/
Sun Park Tsuru (From April to November)http://www.fujigoko.co.jp/tsuru/sunpark.html
Fujiten Resort (From Middle of May to November)
Golf TSD has a Golf Circle. We play at various courses around Tokyo and beyond. Recommended courses include www.ichinomiya.co.jp  and www.gotemba-gc.co.jp Email teams@tokyosports.net   for more info and great deals on affordable golf, driving ranges and equipment.
Hash A stunning array of Hashes awaits at www.tokyohash.org/
Hiking  For hiking with a laugh, contact TSD's Glenn at  hikingjapants@yahoo.com 
Horseriding Crane Horseriding Club in Saitama offers a range of lessons for adults & kids alike. Visit www.uma-crane.com (Japanese) or Tel. 0429 54 4966 Fax. 0429 54 9076
Ice Hockey Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club - independent ex-pat Canadajins take to the ice. Skate off to www.tokyocanadians.com/
Ice Skating Tokyo Citizens Ice Skating Rink. 4-29-27 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Ku. (03 3371 0910) Meiji Jingu Ice Skate Rink, 03 3403 3458 and Shin Yokohama Skate Center 045-474-1112.  All places open  year-round.
J-League Official website www.j-league.or.jp/eng 
Judo The Kodokan Institute, school and events http://www.kodokan.org/
Ju-Jitsu Another martial art which only true followers can explain to neophytes. For an intro or to continue to practice go to www.jujutsu.org/yokohama/practice_yokohama.html
K-1 For the latest official news on K-1 in Japan & worldwide, go to www.so-net.ne.jp/feg/k-1gp/
Karate Japan Karate Shotokai Email Kyle Helou khelou@qg8.so-net.ne.jp
At the YC&AC contact Todd: membership@ycac.or.jp
Other takes on the Karate Scene: Cave Hooper's article ''Thoughts from Japan'' on TSD issue 5.
Also, check out Kyokushin Kaikan & www.budo-karate.com
Kendo People! Email info@tokyosports.net & get the word out!
For more Lacrosse, email muraki@dream.com
Lawn Bowls In Japan? Yes indeed! Contact Todd Snell at membership@ycac.or.jp
Pilates What is it? Mail Todd to find out! membership@ycac.or.jp
Rugby Lots of it going on, perhaps the best starting point is again the YC&AC. It's Todd again, at membership@ycac.or.jp
Running Nanban Rengo, Tokyo's International Running Club. Contact Bob Poulson roadrunr@gol.com
Sandboarding New to Japan!Have a look at www.sandsportsjapan.com/ Email info@sandsportsjapan.com
(Nice photos of Cameron Diaz sandboarding in Chile...)
Scuba Diving A new way to dive for Tokyo SCUBA people! www.tokyoscuba.com
Also, Club Pirates in Nakano www.8102.co.jp
Shorinji Kempo Contact Tony elite@gol.com
Soccer This is an Americanisation of Association Football, so see Football!
Softball Softball league in Tokyo looking for players & teams. Email marcfu@fox.com
Also, all skill levels welcome at the YC&AC membership@ycac.or.jp
Squash Leagues, inter-club competitions & fun membership@ycac.or.jp
Street Hockey At Komazawa Koenevery Sunday www.tokyohockey.com
Sumo It's usually best to go straight to the top man, so for the official lowndown on this most Japanese of sports, visit the Japan Sumo Association website: www.sumo.or.jp/eng
Surfing Watch this space & read ' A Surfin' Mexico Way in TSD Issue 5 (see archive)
Swimming Tokyo Gymnasium at Sendagaya. Y350 a pop, Y10,000 a year locker fee.
Also, 2 beautiful outdoor pools at the YC&AC membership@ycac.or.jp
TaeKwonDo Korean martial arts in Japan!  Visit http://home.att.net/~taekwondo.junkie/Home.html Also, instruction in English at the YC&AC - you know the Email!
Tennis Lots of information on tennis at www.tokyotennis.com
Ultimate Frisby Tokyo/Kanagawa, Sundays 2pm at Futagotamagawa. Contact Tim on 090 7839 5522
Volleyball It's big in Japan!  The Japan Volleyball Association website can be found at www.jva.or.jp (Japanese)
Water Polo Visit www.waterpolo-japan.com for the best overview.  Also, Sunday mornings at the YC&AC membership@ycac.or.jp
Yoga Is It a Sport? Probably not, but it's definitely leisure!