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TSD #004 May 2004
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This month TSD learns some home truths about Steroids.

Nandrolone, Growth hormone, Oxandrolone, Testosterone, Winstrol, Fina, Primobolan Depot, D-Bol. These performance-enhancing drugs and hormones are not likely to be found in the average medicine cabinet. That is unless that person is a professional athlete.  Indeed the powerful muscle-building steroid D-Bol is commonly referred to in the prof-sports community as the 'Breakfast of Champions'

Most sports lovers acknowledge that the use of performance- enhancing drugs has been creeping into their beloved sports at alarming rates. With the possible exception of pro-Bass fishing, most professional sports seem in danger of losing credibility under an avalanche of steroids, hormones and intra-muscular injections. Suspicious   deaths, coverups, failed tests, masking drugs, annihilated records and athletes walking around with syringes sticking out of their buttocks all point to a significant number of drug cheats among our sporting idols.

We, the public might imagine steroid users as shady individuals striving to break the most sacrosanct records and achievements of honest athletes. Or are they? Manchester United football legend Harry Gregg has claimed that stimulants have been used systemically in English football since the 1960's.  A recent Blue Cross Blue shield survey found over 1 million American youths use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. When the Blue Cross asked 60 of the top Major League sluggers to sign a ''drugs free'' pledge only 2 responded.  Apparently the other 58 were too busy washing their hair.

For most people the incident that brought the reality of steroid abuse in sport into their living rooms was the 100m at the 1998 Seoul Olympics. Ben Johnson tested positive for Stanozolol and was stripped of his gold medal. Carl Lewis beatifically accepted it instead and Johnsons career lay in ruins.As it turns out Lewis had himself failed a test but it was covered up by the Olympic Committee.  No fewer than 4 of the top 5 finishers in that race Johnson, Lewis, Christie and Mitchell have since tested positive for one banned substance or another. Now we know. Fair play.

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